Why our band hasn't been signed! More Rock & Roll laments and excuses...

We're looking for the "right" deal.

We're not changing our lyrics. If the label doesn't like it, we just won't do it!

We just got a new (player) so we're trying to get it all together.

We had a deal, but they wanted too much money.

Our lawyer/manager said to wait for a better offer.

(major artist) is a "good" friend and is helping us out.

We just finished our video, it's being edited and should be done soon.

Janitor at local record store thinks we sound great!

They signed another band that basically stole our act.

There's another band using our name, but we had it first, so we're working it out.

Guitar groups are just a fad.

We're learning a bunch of new songs.

Our equipment was stolen.

We're not in it for the money, we're just having fun.

A "friend" works at the label and is giving our tape to the "boss".

We're re-defining our image for the future.

(record company) really liked our material, they're waiting for the "right" opportunity to break us.

Our song was number one at (radio station) for 6 months, really!

(major artist) said we had a lot of potential.

(magazine) wants to do a layout on us for an upcoming issue.

Music scene isn't ready for our type of band, we're blazing new trails.

(band member) jammed with (artist) when he was doing his last record.

(band member) was having problems and couldn't concentrate on writing.

We're waiting for (big producer) to finish his current project.

We had to start our demo project over from scratch because...

Our last manager screwed us over.

(band member's) mother said we couldn't practice at their house anymore.

We're waiting for the package we mailed to ourselves to come back so we're copy protected.

Last time we jammed, we just couldn't capture the "right" sound.

(band member) met (artist) in some club and (artist) wants to hear a tape.

We know about 200 songs and we're working on an original too.

We headlined (club that you have to pay to play in)

We made a record for a small indie label and it sold a ton!

It would have sold more, but they had a distribution problem to (area)

(record label) liked everything except the artwork in our demo package.

(record label) wants us to do country music.

(disgusting artist) is on that label and we don't want to be associated with him.

We're not going to sell out, ever!

It'll happen when it's meant to happen.

(friend) has a friend who knows this dude whose dad works for (someone)

We just formed.

Will you manage us?

Source: Sheet circulated within industry during the '80s.