Variety of pitches    Constant repetition of pitches  
  Melodies    Almost no melody (only oft-repeated fragments)  
  Accurate pitches    Slightly under true pitch (as in "blues")  
  Uses many chords (harmonies)    Repetition of same chords (usually I, IV, V)  
  Modulations (changing keys, or tonal levels)    Almost never modulates (stays in same key)  
  Uses very high pitches for contrast and climax points    Overuse of high pitches to give wild, screaming sounds (instruments can be made to scream)  
  Well-organized pitch patterns    "Wild sound" (often incoherent)  
  Variety of rhythms    Constant repetition of same rhythmic figure  
  Based on rhythm (the "backbone" of music)    Based on the "Beat" ("Rhythm doesn't really exist in it" - Stravinsky)  
  Accurate rhythms    "Breaking up" of rhythms (usually just before the beat)  
  Natural accents (4/4 time, 1 2 3 4)    "Unnatural" accents (pattern reversed: 4/4 time, 1 2 3 4)  
  Always has well-organized rhythmic patterns    Often has no apparent rhythmic organization: "wild sound"  
  Rhythm used as only one part of music    Complete dominance of the "beat" (some taken directly from the drum beats of heathen rituals)  
  Rhythms which lead to natural physical motions (rhythm demands motion)    "Beats" which evoke unnatural, sensual "gyrations" (many changes in the "driving motion" of rhythms) Constantly driving "beat" (even in so-called slow songs it is in the background)  
  Much contrast between loud and soft    As loud as possible, as long as possible  
  Constant change in dynamic level    Use of powerful hi-fi equipment for greatest possible intensity to "completely captivate the listener"  
  Sound level always controlled, even in more exciting pieces    Sound level often reaches uncontrolled wild stage (measured at 95 decibels which equals riveting - riveters wear ear plugs)  
  Wide variation in use of "force intensity (this is qualitative, not quantitative, and can be as strong in soft music as in loud)    Always full of strong "force intensity" (with record playing, turn the volume all thge way down and listen)  
  Well-ordered system    Chaos  
  Lifting-up quality    Degrading quality  
  Strengthens moral and spiritual principles    Tears away moral priciples, is anti-spiritual and anti-God in many instances  
  Clean words, with good purposes    Sensual, dirty, sadistic, neurotic, and even blasphemous words  
  Source: Origin unknown, taken from Frank Zappa bootleg LP