These band names are funny, clever, suggestive or disgusting, and most of them are for real... some are even well-known!
Abatoir Calves
Above Average Weight Band
Albino Toilet Boys
Alcoholics Unanimous
Amps For Christ
Another Black Skirt
Anus The Menace
Apes of Wrath
Apocalypse Hoboken
Armageddon Dildo
Armed and Hammered
The Arrogant Worms
Ass Ponys
Atomic Bitchwax
Auntie Christ
BDSM - Big Dumb Slimey Mofo's
Babbling Professors
Baby Gramps
Bad Dog Sit
Badly Drawn Boy
Banana Bones
Band That Shot Liberty Valence
Barbara's Bush
Barbie Bones
Barney and the Jurassic Tabernacle Choir
Barney Gone Bad
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
Bastards From Hell
BB Queen
Belt Fed
Ben Gay, Bob Straight
Ben-Wa and the Blue Balls
Betty White Trash
Beverly Beer Bellies
Biff Hitler and the Violent Mood Swings
Big Ethel
Big Muffin Serious Band
Bill Clinton and the Bosstones
Birdshit and Bubblegum
Black Market Babies
Black Shit Puppy Farm
Bladder Infection
Bladder Polyps
Blair Sandwich Project
Bleau Chunks
The Blind Venetians (Chicago)
Blood Fart
Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice
Bob's Your Uncle (Canada)
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggets
Bolt Upright and the Erections
Boris The Sprinkler
Bosnian Cheer Squad
Bottom Feeder
The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir
The Boxing Ghandis
The Bra Straps
The Brady Bunch Chainsaw Massacre
Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre
Breakfast in Beirut
Breakfast Missed List
Breast Fetish
Breast Secreting Cake
Brian Jonestown Massacre
The Bright Dimwits
Broadcast Amphetamine
Brutal Juice
Buck Naked Karate Girls
Bug Sneakers
Bulemia Banquet
Bull Dike Troll
Bullet and the Screaming Niggers
Bumpin Uglies
Buster Hymen and His Swingin' Organ
Buster Hymen & the Penetrators
Butt Trumpet
Butterfly Garden
Butthole Surfers
Buy This Fucking CD, You Cheap Bastard
Cap'n Crunch and the Cereal Killers
Carnage Asada
Casket Lottery
Caution: Cars May Stop At Any Time
Cephalic Carnage
Chalkdust Torture
Charlie Don't Surf
Cheap Chick
Cheesecake Truck (Bergen, Norway)
Chicken Feel
Childbearing Hips (Austin, Texas)
Chocolate Fetus
Chocolate Overdose (Bergen, Norway)
Cindy Brady's Lisp
Circle Jerks
Clifford Olsen and the Playground Candymen
  (Olsen is an Infamous child-molester/killer)
Coathanger Death Yank
Colin Sphincter Band
Columbine Kids
Concrete Clitoris
Consider, If You Will, The Wombat
  (formed by members of Fondling Wombats)
Contaminated Sludge
Conway Twitty Is Dead
Cortizone 5
Cottage Cheese from the Lips of Death
The Cramps
Crushed Velvet Vivisection
Cunning Stunts
Dain Brammage
Dammit Jim
The Dancing French Liberals of 1848
Dancing with Darwin
Dandy Warhols
Dangerous Curves (girl group)
Das Klown
Dayglow Abortions
Dead Can Dance
Dead Kennedys
The Dead Sea Squirrels
Death By Chocolate
Deflator Mouse
Desirable Indecency
The Dick Clarks
The Dick Nixons
Dicky Retardo
Die Trip Computer Die
Dilated Peoples
The Dining Philosophers
Dingo Virgin and the Foreskins
Dirt Clod Fight
Dirty Dick and the Trojan Test-Pilots (Vancouver)
Dirty Old Man River
Dirty South Booty Freaknik
The Dismembered Dildos (Australia)
Dog Hairdressers
Dog Police
Dog Vomit
The Dog's Breakfast
Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Dogs on Fire
Doggie Style
Don't Worry - Bea Arthur
Don Knotts Overdrive
Doug and the Slugs
Dr. Goodfoot and The Toxic Socks
Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem
Dracula Was Gay
Dread Zeppelin
Dripping Seaweed
Dropkick Jesus
Driver Speaks No English
Drunks With Guns
Dum-Dum Boys
Dying Fetus
e. coli
Easy Big Fella
Edith Head
The Egregious Philbins
Elder Feces
Electric Prostates
Elvis Hitler
Engorged Members
Ethyl Merman
The Evangenitals
The Falling Wallendas
Fat & Fucked Up
The Fat Bitch In Wilson Phillips (Los Angeles)
Fat Elvis (Boston)
Fat Lady at the Opera
Fearless Iranians From Hell
Fields of Shit
'57 Lesbian
Fish Karma
Flaming Lips
Flying Moose Dicks From Outer Space (Phoenix band)
Fondling Wombats
The 4-Skins
The 4 Nikators
Four Nurses of the Apocalypse
Four Out Of Five Doctors and The Nurses
Frankie Goes To Hell
Free Beer
Fred Dirt
Freebase Barbie
The French are from Hell
Fromage d'Amour
Fuck On The Beach
Fuck... I'm Dead
Fudge Tunnel
Full Throttle Aristotle
Furious George
Fury In The Slaughterhouse
Fuzzy Triangle
Galactic Prophylactic
Garage a Trois
Gay Dad
Gefelte Joe and the Fish
The Get Down Syndrome
Give Me Back My Wig
Gnat King Kong
Graveyard Psychedelic
Group Sex
Handsome Boy Modeling School
Harmonica Lewinsky
The Harmonica Lewinskies
Headless Marines
Hell Camino
The Helltones
Her Majesty's Secret Cervix
Herpes Cineplex
H.I.V. and The Positives
Hindu Garage Sale
His Boy Elroy
Hit It Assholes
Hitler's Bikini
Holiday Botchalism
The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of Death (Wisconsin)
Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives
The Honking Mallards
Honky Donkey
Hoof and Mouths
Hornets Attack Victor Mature
The Horny Goats
Hotel Bill & The Incidentals
Hull Down in Tall Grass
Hymen Blasters
I Buried Paul
If It's White - It's Yeast
If You Don't Like Our Music, Then Fuck You
Ill Boot'n Gotti
Impaled Nazarenes
Imperial Butt Wizards
Incredibly Strange Wrestling
Inhale Mary
Insect Surfers
Intestinal Gas
The Intestines
Itchy Pits
Jackie-O Motherfucker
Janitors Against Apartheid
Jefferson Lawsuit
Jehovah's Waitresses
Jehovah's Wetness
Jehovah's Witness Protection Program
Jesus Christ Superfly
Jesus Chrysler
Jesus Chrysler Supercar
Jesus Manson and the Starvation Army
Jimi was a Junkie
Jodie Fosterís Army
John Cougar Concentration Camp
Johnny Peabuck and The Swinging Udders
Jokke and the Valentiners
Jonestown Punch
Julio Disgracias
Kathleen Turner Overdrive
Kerrigan's Knees
Kick Axe
The Killer Dwarfs
Killer Hayseeds
Kitty Go Boom
Krumb Snatcha
Lack of Afro
Lawn Piranhas
Lawnmower of Death
The Leave It To Beaver Conehead Immolation
The Leaving Trains
Lee Harvey Keitel
Lee Harvey Oswald Ensemble
Lesbian Ninjas
Lez Zeppelin
Liquid Bone Dance
Little Blue Crunchy Things
LL Ice T Hot Cool Sir Screams A-Lot
Load Bearing Members
Locomotive Gangbang
Lopez Beatles
Loud And Obnoxious
Louder Than God
Lovenotes and Lithium
Low Booth Overhang
Macho Bee Keepers
Majesty Crush
Man and the Apes
Mao Tse Helen
Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids
Maroon Colony Anonymous
Mary's Danish
Mary Kay and the Cosmetics
Masochistic Beat
Max Roach and the Holders
McCarthy Commission
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
Me Myself and Strauss
Meat Curtains
Meat Puppets
Mechanical Affection
Midget Handjob
Mighty Sphincter
Minnie Pearl Necklace
Minnie Pearl's Jam
Mr. Happy and the Genocides
Mr. T Experience>br> Mogen David & The Grapes of Wrath
Monkey Brains
Morally Unencumbered
Morons Who Can't Play Worth Shit
Mouthful of Reason
The Muffs
The Musical Dwarves
Mussolini Headkick
My Chemical Toilet
My Dog Has Hitler's Brain
My Dying Bride
Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo
The Naked Barbie Dolls
Nashville Pussy
Nate Nocturnal and the Nightly Emissions
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
The Negro Problem
Nerf Herders
Nervous Christians and the Lions
New Wet Kojak
Nip Drivers
No Use For A Name
Norman Bates and the Shower Heads
Nosmo King
Not Drowning, Waving
The Not-Sensibles
The Nuclear Bebop Quartet
Officer Downe
Old Blind Dogs
On Ramp
Ooklah the Moc
Opie's Dream
Pabst Smear
PAP Smear
Paraplegic Penguins
Patchwork Apple
Pearl Harbor and the Explosions
Penetrated Nipples
Penis DeMilo
Pepto Dismal
The Phallic Cymbals
Phlegm Fatale
Pluto's Gonads
Pogo Pops
Poi Dog Pondering
The Pointless Sisters
Pointless Thievery
Politically Correct Gangsters
Pontius Pilate & The Nailbangers
Pork Tornado
The Porkers
Porn Again
Potential Brain Damage
Poultry in Motion
Pretentious Flamedogs
Prince Karaoke Night
The Pro-Midget Mafia
PS Dump Your Boyfriend
Psychic Buddhist Gorillas
Psycho Sluts from Hell
Psychotic Gell Cells
Public Access Patty
Pungent Frustration
Purple Headed Love Warriors
Pusilanimous Pygmy
Quasimodo and the Eunuchs
Quilted Fish
Quivering Sphincters
The Rabbit Died
Radio Free Idaho
Raga Rockers
Rage Against the Coffee Machine
Raging Pimps of Doom
Rats For Friends
Rebels Without Applause
Rectal Nightmare
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Redneck Exorcist
Relentless Cookout
Reluctant Stereotypes
Results of Inbreeding
Retarted Elf
Revolting Cocks
Rob And Plunder
Roid Rogers and the Whirling Butt Cherries
Sally and the O-Rings
Sandy Duncan's Eye
Sarcastic Jello
Satan's Penis (from The Drew Carey Show)
Saturday Night Beaver
The Scary Tweezers
Schwarzenegger's Atomic Hemmorhoids
Scooby Doo's Over, So Why Go On Living?
Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel
Screaming Headless Torsos
Screaming Hood Ornaments
Screaming Iguanas of Love
Screaming Moist Accountants
Scrotum Purge
Search For Food
Septic Death
Seven Year Bitch
Severed Head In A Bag
Sex With Lurch
Sexy Chocolate (Eddie Murphy movie "Coming to America")
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
The Shamu Afterbirth Orchestra
Sharon Tate's Baby
Sheep on Drugs
Shirley Temple of Doom
Shirley Temple Pilots
Shitty Shitty Band Band
Sillies of the Valley
Simulated Orgasms [Simulerte Orgasmer]
Sinister Midget
The Skalatones
Skankin' Pickle
The Skeletones
Skeptic Tank
Skingerbread Man
Skinny Puppy
Slapmeat Johnson
Slow Children
Small Dog Warning Orchestra
Smegma & the Nuns
Smut Peddlers
Social Coyotes
Somnambulistic Dream
Sorry About Dresden
The Sound of Munich
Spank The Blond
Spastic Colon
The Spewing Heads
The Sphinctones
Spleen Bishops (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)
Spontaneous Chubby
Staff Infection
Staples 'N Soy Sauce
Steel Pigeon
Stiff Nipples
Stiff Richards
Stone Temple Ponies
The String Cheese Incident
Stukas Over Bedrock
Stump Stompers
Subject to Change
The Sunburn Slappers
The Superating Pustules
Sven And Some Guys Who Don't Speak English
Sweet Meat
Swingin' Johnsons
Swingin' Lunch
The Swollen Members
Tabasco Douche
Tall Dwarfs
Tastes Like Chicken
Tears For Men Without Seagulls
Ted Bundy's Volkswagen
The Telephony Bandits of Doom
Temporary Darkening of the Stool
The Texas Nazis
Thank God We're Immortal
That Statue Moved
They Tried To Frame OJ
30,000 Screaming Sphincters
Those Darn Accordions
Three Sock Night
Throwing Muses
Thrust Jesus
Tiger Lard
Tiny Desk Unit
Tipper and the Deadbeats
To Live and Shave in LA
Toad The Wet Sprocket
Todd Bridges and the Whatchu Talking 'Bout Willis Experience
Tong Tango
Total Passover (Jewish punk band)
Toxic Shock and the Tampons
Toxic Shock and the Syndromes
Tracy & the Hindenburg Ground Crew
Tragic Mulatto
Tragic Rabbit
Tranquilly Vertical to a Gurza
Transsexual Hitler
Trashcan Sinatras Trenchcoat Batmitzvah
Trotsky Icepick
Two Dogs Funking (South African band)
Two Klaus For Kommfort (German synth duo)
2 Live Stew
Ulterior Motive
Uncle Dickie's Shameless Quickies
Uncle Dirt Nap (from a Frasier episode)
Understandable Idiots
Unstoppable Kamikaze Idiots
Uranus and the Four Moons
Urethra Franklin
Urge to Anthropomorphise
Vaginal Blood Farts
Vaginal Davis
Valley Solo
Vas Deferens
The Velcro Pygmies
Vic Morrow's Head
Vomit and the Zits (Montreal)
Vomiting Corpse
Voodoo Glow Skulls
Vowel Movement
Waldorf Histeria
We Like Gerbil Food
We Play Shit That Would Make A Deaf Man's Ears Bleed
Weeping Tile
The Well Hungarians
Wet Mounts
The Whatever Four
When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water
Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Helen
White Trash Debutantes
Willie Nelson Mandela
Winky the Dry Dinky
Wise Monkey Orchestra
Wretched Pinhead Puppets
Yeah Love Swans (Bergen, Norway)
Ye Ha Wanna Have A Baba (Bergen, Norway)
Yesterday's Digestion

Sources: Internet, author sightings, reader input