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Review of Rip Masters live at the Rock and Roll Revue, Attignat, France, June 2009

“The previous acts were hard to follow, and yet Rip Masters proceeded to set the place on fire with his Boogies, as good on piano as on guitar. He played songs almost exclusively from his own titles, from his albums “Rock That Rock”, “The Cool and the Crazy”, Big Red ‘57”, and “The Rock and Roll Album”, only covering “Gone Gone Gone” by Carl perkins, “Rock-a-Beatin Boogie” by Bill Haley and “Lonely Blue Boy” by Conway Twitty. His superb interpretation of one of the best slow songs by Gene Vincent, much honored this year, reminds one that Rip was one of the mainstays of Ronnie Weiser’s Rollin Rock studio, and the one who lent his piano to Gene’s last recordings.”
Bernard Boyat, Rock And Roll Revue

Review of Rip Masters live at the Eddie Cochran Memorial Show, Chippenham, UK, April 2007

“…and now for the highlight of the show, Rip Masters from California who I last saw at the Teddy Boy Weekender in Yarmouth. This is the man who wrote “Rockabilly Man” which was covered by Ray Campi, and in the UK the Firebirds also did a good version. You would probably recognise his hit song “Hey hey Little Girl”…he played an amazing set on his piano but I was gobsmacked when he straddled a lead guitar – wow! Can this guy play or what – amazing show!”
Wildcat Pete, Maggie’s Blue Suede News

Review of live show, Manchester, UK, April 2007

“ Rip Masters rounded off his recent tour of the UK in grand style with a fine night of boogie-woogie based rock’n’roll…Rip paced his keyboard firmly up-front in the center of the stage and immediately laid into Carl Perkins’ “Gone Gone Gone”, driving it along in unrelenting boogie style. “Big Red ‘57”. “Rock-a-Beatin Boogie” and “Got a Lot of Livin to Do” followed in similar fashion. Long extended versions, the acoustics couldn’t have been better, each note ringing out as clear as a bell, and of course the dancers scarcely left the floor. Then came a change of tempo for Gene Vincent’s “Rose of Love”. Rip played on Ron Weiser’s original recording and it was a memory he was able to celebrate and share with a very appreciative and enthusiastic audience.

Back to boogie and the immortal “Suwanee River Boogie.”…from the same glorious tradition he plucked out “Jambalaya” and, switching to guitar, “The Fool” and “Baby What You Want Me To Do.”

“Night Flight”, a great ‘Promised Land’-styled rocker from Rip’s “Rock and Roll Album” and then a rousing “Race With the Devil” on guitar paved the way for a spectacular “Rockabilly Man” finale. A great night which exceeded all expectations was crowned by Rip spinning triumphantly round the keyboard like the wildest of all the wild piano players.”
Chris Woodford, Now Dig This

Rip Masters live at Furuvik... Sweden’s largest American Music festival-attendance 20,000 plus... August 3, 2001

The following is a review from Gefle Dagblad, the largest newspaper in the area, by Hakan Durmer

Straight and Pure Rockabilly

It didn’t take many minutes for Rip Masters, the first foreign star on the stage in Furuvik this weekend, to prove that it’s no overstatement to compare him with names like Jerry Lee Lewis and Merle Haggard.

Rhythmic, straight and pure, but with enormous sharpness in the details, the man who gave the world the classic “Rockabilly Man” started his set. A set which, as this writer predicted, went in the true spirit of rock.

With his boogie-woogie piano Rip Masters really swings! Accompanied by his back-up trio, including the coolest standup bass player of the show, every note became sweet and tone-laden without any trace of bitterness.

At the beginning of the set the audience was leaning back, as if waiting for the next act, but as Kevin Costner-lookalike Rip Masters furiously attacked guitar and keyboard, the whole audience finally understood what the wild and loud party crowd in front of the stage already knew

...Rip is Rocking!!!!!