Our pool was most likely built with the house in the late-'50s, and there was certainly no significant work on it since Leslie bought the house in 1985. For several years, we knew that the pool would need some work, but weren't sure to what extent we were willing to go. But we got a good quote for an almost complete refurbishing, and replaced the old heater at the same time.

The first order of business was to drain the pool - about 15,000 gallons - which started on June 21, and took about 10 hours. Only then could we really see how distressed the existing plaster had become over time.

Next, the plaster was chipped out down to the gunite (concrete) shell, and the coping and tiles removed. The result was a cool 'moonscape' and Pepper enjoyed running down into the empty pool to explore!

Seemingly backwards in the process, the new coping was installed first...

And the tile was installed next. We chose a traditional light blue with teal-colored accent tiles with dolphins - Leslie's favorite sea creature.

Fresh plaster was applied in separate coats - rough, then smooth - and took only several hours to complete. As the last worker left, he placed our hose in the bottom of the pool and the re-filling began. This took only about 20 hours. Part of the first week's maintenance included regular sweeping of the plaster to loosen residual 'dust' and allowing the filter to run longer than usual to help remove it from the fresh water.

The finished pool is clean, smooth, and a real treat to swim in, and we've enjoyed it both during the day and at night.

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