TEEN GAZETTE   September 23, 1967 (Phoenix, AZ)

Condello Makes 'Fire' Music

by Ken Walker

One of the most exciting personalities in Valley teen-age music is undoubtedly Mike Condello.

Condello entered the ranks of Phoenix music-makers at the age of 14. "I looked quite a bit older," he commented, "so naturally the older teens accepted me as one of their own." At 15, Condello joined the Stage 7 Combo, house band for the club, Stage 7, and worked at the club for 2½ years.

After leaving the club, the group became known as the Mike Condello Combo and the band played 65 shows for the Teen Beat program and played later on Take 5. The television work led the group to a one-year series of promotional tours with Wallace and Ladmo.

In June of ’65 Pat McMahon joined the combo and the group accepted long-term booking at the Band Box. While working with Hub Kapp, Condello and his group released recordings of "Work, Work," "Sigh, Cry, Almost Die," and "My Little Volks." Hub Kapp and the Wheels made two appearances on the Steve Allen Show and four on the Regis Philbin Show.

"Day In The Tube," a 45 rpm album cut by Condello and Company, has sold more than 3,000 copies - quite a sales figure for a local record. At present, the group is known as Last Friday’s Fire.

The Fire appears each Sunday evening for the under-21 set at J.D.’s. This week LHI records released the Fire’s second waxing, "Something’s Happening." Friday evening the combo will appear on Channel 21’s Tony Evans Show.