Mike's Biography

Mike Condello was born in Brooklyn, New York May 6th, 1946 and moved to Phoenix when he was 7. At 14, Mike taught himself to play the guitar by sending away for lessons in the mail and started his first band, The King's Four, at North High School with singer Ray Donnell and John Lambert (later of Phil & The Frantics, The Beethoven Soul and Pollution.) Two years later, he quit North High school and became a professional, full time musician.

The Mike Condello Combo (with Bob Dearborn and Rich Post) were regulars at Stage 7, a Phoenix teen club. It was there Mike met Bill Thompson, aka television's Wallace. In l962, Thompson hired 16 year old Condello to be the music director for Teen Beat, a local music showcase which aired ON KPHO-TV. Soon after, Mike became the music director for the wacky Wallace and Ladmo kids show. This was a dream come true because Mike was a huge fan.

While working on the long-running program, he wrote the theme song ("Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee Hee Ha Ha") and backed up many of the national acts that appeared on the show. In between the cartoons, Mike and his band, along with other cast members, would morph into Hub Kapp and the Wheels, The Bugs, The Munchkins, The Ladmo Trio, etc. Mike loved The Beatles so he created Commodore Condello's Salt River Navy band to cover and parody many of their songs live and on records.

Mike moved to L.A. in l974 and produced or played on records by Jackson Browne, The Tubes, Juice Newton, The Jetzons and Keith Moon. Mike Condello was a multi-talented singer, musician and producer who shared with us his love of music and his love of laughter. He was also a caring father with a daughter and son.

Text courtesy of SewSiouxMee Records