ARIZONA REPUBLIC   August 12, 1967

Mike Condello

by Troy Irvine

The musical effects are by a group that has been around for about five years - LAST FRIDAY'S FIRE - and a group that plays daily on the Wallace Show on KPHO-TV. They've been downstairs at J.D.'s for five weeks and plan an indefinite stay, perhaps interrupted by trips to the coast to record for Lee Hazelwood on his LHI label.

They will have a new release on LHI this Wednesday titled "Somethin's Happening." The flip is "Stand Up And Shout." Also in the master tape hopper are two albums to be released in the coming months, including one called "Last Friday's Fire Takes A Look At Religion."

Members of the group are Ray Trainer, 23, on bass; Ted Harpchak, 21, on organ; Rich Post, 25, on drums; and Mike Condello, 21, on lead guitar.

Asked what type of sound the group plays, Condello replied, "If someone was to say our music was strange, I'd like that." One of their heaviest numbers is the Beatles' "Baby You're A Rich Man Now"...