More kits!


   Lee Cohen's kit in Sea Foam Green (a Drum Foundry wrap) features four 8-ply concert toms - 6/8/10/12", all 5" deep - to add just the right accent to these great drums!

Photo: Bob Rodriguez, On The Edge Drum Services

   Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett:

"First time with "Cameo", in '1982' for their "Alligator Woman" Tour!!!... Had to play leader "Larry Blackmon's" Tama Drum Kit as requirement for the drummer!... A Great Kit as shown here! Look And Sound wise!.... Amazing set up!"

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Moffett

   Liberty Devitto on stage with Billy Joel.
   Queen's Roger Taylor.
   Rehearsing with Cher, Jason Sutter's kit sports a couple of requisite concert toms!

Photo courtesy of Jason Sutter

   Kevin Rapillo's restored 1970's Slingerland concert tom kit, ready to hit the road in 2018 with Country artist Rodney Atkins!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Rapillo

   Ben Sesar's kit for the 2018 Brad Paisley tour!

Photo courtesy of Ludwig Drums