More kits!


   Lee Cohen's kit in Sea Foam Green (a Drum Foundry wrap) features four 8-ply concert toms - 6/8/10/12", all 5" deep - to add just the right accent to these great drums!

Photo: Bob Rodriguez, On The Edge Drum Services

   Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett:

"First time with "Cameo", in '1982' for their "Alligator Woman" Tour!!!... Had to play leader "Larry Blackmon's" Tama Drum Kit as requirement for the drummer!... A Great Kit as shown here! Look And Sound wise!.... Amazing set up!"

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Moffett

   Liberty Devitto on stage with Billy Joel.
   Queen's Roger Taylor.
   Rehearsing with Cher, Jason Sutter's kit sports a couple of requisite concert toms!

Photo courtesy of Jason Sutter

   Kevin Rapillo's restored 1970's Slingerland concert tom kit, ready to hit the road in 2018 with Country artist Rodney Atkins!

Photo courtesy of Kevin Rapillo

   Ben Sesar's kit for the 2018 Brad Paisley tour!

Photo courtesy of Ludwig Drums

   Kevin Omalley and his Ludwig Power Factory kit in Butcher Block Cortex!

Photo: Kevin Omalley

   Jason Sutter:

"This is a '77/78 era classic Ludwig kit, I have a 16" for it as well! It's in classic Red Cortex and is 12,13,14,15 and a 24" I've polished it and brought it back to life. I bought it for $200 about 5 years ago from a buddy who was storing it in a broken down car in his parking garage! It's come a long way as today it was a shining star on the Ellen Show with Cher!"
[Sept 7, 2018]

Photo courtesy of Jason Sutter

   John Justice's Ludwig Jelly Bean Vistalite kit.

"It is from 1978 and I got it from the original owner who custom ordered it from the factory. He was a senior in high school who played in a club band and got this kit to use for his gigs. Soon afterwards he joined the Army, having never played these out. He had the foresight to order soft cases for them, so in they went into storage. 32 years later . . . I found out about them and he sold them to me since he doesn't play out any more . . . When he took them out to show me it took my breath away. It was like I had hopped into Mr. Peabody's Way Back Machine to get a new Ludwig set just like I wanted when I was a kid."

Photo courtesy of John Justice

   Todd Hayden's Blue & Solid White concert tom kit in the 5 Band Rainbow (Pattern B) designation.

Photo: Todd Hayden

   Todd Hayden's Green & Blue Quadra-Plus tom kit in the Spiral (Pattern C) designation, with some appropriate single-head add-ons.

Photo: Todd Hayden

   Jonas Aronson's Ludwig kit in Oyster Black 'Bowling Ball' finish, with some 15 & 16" rack toms, 16 & 18" foor toms, and matching 22" kick drums.

Photo: Jonas Aronson


   Noah Smit:

"Here is my 1976 Slingerland 58N "Pop Outfit" with a bonus 18" Sound King floor tom converted to match. My favorite drummer growing up, Bill Stevenson of Descendents and Black Flag, played a set of single-headed Slingerlands so I always had a fascination with them. I usually play unmiked and the projection of concert toms helps. It's especially nice having a kit that can nest for storage and transport as well... cheers!"

Photo: Noah Smit