More kits!


   Timothy "Tim" Gordon says "I purchased my first concert toms in 1974 and used them for years. Toured with concert toms in the late 70's with Cornelius Bros. & Sister Rose. I actually added the 6 8 10 14 15 16 concert toms to my Ludwig Hollywood Set. Original 10 and 14 along with the original Hollywood set were destroyed in a club fire and when I replaced them in 1981 they were now 6 ply with a silver aluminum band around the bottom."

Tim also performed with Davy Jones as percussionist and background vocalist until Jones passed away in 2012.

Photo: Tim Gordon

   A rare shot of Terry behind some '70s Ludwig toms.

Photo: sourced from the 'net

   Steve Birkett's Peart-inspired Slingerland kit.

Photo: Steve Birkett

   Ed Kaye's super-clean Ludwig Power Factory kit in black Vistalite.

Photo: Ed Kaye

   David Sanderson's mid-'70s Slingerland kit.

Photo: David Sanderson

   A pretty Ludwig Power Factory kit in red Vistalite! Owner Michael Hill lives in Australia and enjoys restoring Vistalite kits.

Photo: Michael Hill

   Original Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine's DW kit with a single concert tom. Shown here during his inspiring clinic at the Hollywood Drum Show in 2016.

Photo: Ronn Dunnett

   Music industry vet John Van Ness' all-concert tom Slingerland kit: 6, 8, 12, 13" with 16 & 18" floor toms (and 22" kick.)

Photo: John Van Ness


   "Hello everyone! My name is Carlos Guzman and I was the drummer for the popular '60s group The Lettermen, from 1978-1980.

When I joined they had a Group Endorsement thru Ludwig Drum Company and I inherited their brand new Ludwig drum set which was basically an "Octoplus" kit in White Cortex finish . That Set was the epitome of the '80s Sound and I was very proud to showcase the drum Set throughout my tenure with this group. Since I was a HUGE fan of Hal Blaine who actually recorded some of their songs, I was in heaven every night performing his iconic parts.

If I remember correctly, the sizes were 6", 8", 10", 12", 13", 14" & 16" floor with a 16x22" bass drum. I used my own snare & cymbals, and augmented the set with the "then new" SYNARE pads.

One thing I always remember from that time... During the show after the opening medley, Tony Butala would greet the audience with "Good evening! We are The Lettermen. The BEE GEES of the '60s!" Little that I know that 35 years later I would become the Tour Manager of Barry Gibb of the BEE GEES!

You never know what life will bring you!"

Photos courtesy of Carlos Guzman

   "I used this TAMA single headed kit for all live and studio work for about five years - experimenting with a variety of heads. I even used Evans Blue Hydraulics for a while - the floor tom sounded like a bus hitting a fat kid! I had all the concert tom sizes and changed the drums depending on the gig. I had 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 16 and 18 floor toms - 22 bass and a 14x6.5 snare. It was loud but very musical! The color was listed as natural maple wood." - Paul Quin

Photo courtesy of Paul Quin

   Los Angeles drummer Max Wheatley and his special order Slingerland kit: 26" kick with 12 & 13" concert toms and 16" floor tom (with bottom head.)

Photo courtesy of Max Wheatley

   Another cool kit from Graham Collins, his 1977 Premier outfit with 12/13/14/15" concert toms, 16 & 18" single-headed floor toms, and 10 & 12" Roto-toms thrown in for good measure! The kit was restored by Jamie Corstorphine at the Drum Vault.

Photo: Graham Collins

   Marc Pellicano's cool North kit. "These drums were restored by vintage drum collector Jim Messina in South Florida. I purchased them in early 2016. Jim did not have a bass drum, so he contacted Roger North himself to obtain his personally owned drum! The blue bass drum was then drilled for hardware. This may be the last production North Drum to be completed. The stand is a very rare 'sled stand'. The cymbal stands and hi-hat stand are North brand, along with an original throne."

Photo: Marc Pellicano

   John Lapp's cool Ludwig Octaplus kit, plus a spare snare! Natural finishes never go out of style!

Photo: John Lapp

   Jon Rødberg's Ludwig Power factory kit in White Cortex.

Photo: Jon Rødberg