More kits!


   Chris McHugh's beautiful Craviotto kit!

   A Ludwig ad from 1980 featuring Kiss' Eric Carr. The ad copy reads:

"The unmistakable of Eric Carr is the result of two things:

His raw, riotous energy; and the outfit that allows him to exercise it. That outfit is made possible by Ludwig's Set-Up™, a unique modular system that allows you virtually unlimited flexibility in tom tom placement.

Now, you can build up to a three-level, six tom grouping, from either bass drum or floor stands, with each tom ideally positioned and angled for maximum playing speed. And Ludwig's exclusive Quik-Set™ feature lets you pre-set every component to an exact height and angle.

The drums in Eric Carr's outfit? They're Ludwig's 6-ply die-mold wood shell drums, of course. With power and projection no other drums can match. Let's face it - the drummer of Kiss doesn't have to compromise.

Eric Carr plays Ludwig's 6-ply wood shell drums and Ludwig Rockers™ heads exclusively."

Image courtesy of Jim Catalano, Ludwig.

   Joey Waronker has a great "drummer face" in this 2012 photo, and he loves his Jenkins-Martin Blaemire concert toms!


   Acrylic and polished stainless finishes really show damage and wear, but this c1980 Octa-Plus looks great!

Photo: Gary Bender

   Another lovely specimen from Gary Bender, a stainless steel Octa-Plus, reputed to be one of only 5 complete stainless Octa-Plus kits ever made!

Photo: Gary Bender

   Will Gary's Octa-Plusses never cease??
I hope not! :)

A Smokey Vistalite kit in excellent condition!

Photo: Gary Bender

   Gilson Lavis from Squeeze rockin' his Ludwigs in the "Cool For Cats" video.

Screen grab ©Universal Music

   A rare 1978 Octaplus in a later version of Psychedelic Red. This kit (complete with original stands) was offered for sale by Bentley's Drum Shop at the Hollywood Custom and Vintage Drum Show in October, 2014. It's a stunning kit that almost went home with me!

Note: As of August, 2017, Bentley's still has the kit - go get 'em!

Photo: Bermuda Schwartz

   Ludwig, Neil Peart replica kit

Ludwig made this kit for David Parks' Nashville Drummers Jam's Neil Peart Tribute in December, 2014. Artists include Jim Riley, Troy Lucketta, Matt Billingslea, Rich Redmond, Pat McDonald, and NDJ co-founders Tom Hurst (Tracy Lawrence) and David Parks (LoCash Cowboys.)

Photo courtesy of Ludwig Drums

   Deep Purple's Ian Paice and concert tom goodness!

   Keith Moon and his pretty Premier maple kit in the "Who Are You" video.

Screen grab ©Universal Studios Home Entertainment

   Some sweet concert toms in Java Burst from Taye, at the 2015 NAMM Show.

Photo: Bermuda Schwartz

   Steve Lobmeier's classy Sonor kit in Acrylic Smokey.

Photo: Steve Lobmeier

   Ludwig, Concert Tom kit for 2015

As of 2015, concert toms may be ordered as single drums, and virtually any configuration can be made.

Photo courtesy of Ludwig Drums

   Mike Rayburn bought this Maple Cortex Octaplus kit in September, 1974, at age 17. He toured with it for 12 years, banged it up pretty good, and later sold it to a local young drummer. Mike says "I miss it now, although I kept the 6 & 8" toms, they are in my practice room today."

Photo courtesy of Mike Rayburn

   Another great shot of Mike and his kit onstage with his band Z-Rocks at Cardie's in Houston, TX, opening for David Lindley & El Rayo X.

Photo courtesy of Mike Rayburn