More kits!


   Another view of Hal Blaine's famous Monster Kit.
   Hal Blaine at the controls!
   The late, great Larrie Londin backing up the late, great Elvis Presley. They were obviously alive and well when this photo was taken!
   Buddy Miles with his Rogers single-headed kit.
   Franco Daldoss and his '70s Gretsch kit. You may recognize his name from Daldoss Drums, singlehandedly keeping the Trixon conical design alive! Hmmm, I wonder how conical concert toms would sound? :)
   You've got to reach high to play David Gaynier's 1977 Rogers kit!
   Bill Colonna's vintage '70s Ludwigs!
   Danny Seraphine on tour with Chicago, at Chicago Fest at the Navy Pier, August, 1979.

Photo: Jeff Hand

   Jeff Hand's 1977 Tama kit, check out the Syndrums on the right!

Photo: Jeff Hand

   Christian Rondow and his Tempus fibreglass kit. The floor toms are also single-headed, and have their own woofers!

   Another Tempus fibreglass kit, featuring 4 "Power Quad" carbon-fiber concert toms. This monster belongs to Richard Winfield, and was named Coolest Kit at the Seattle Woodstick Big Beat in both 2009 and 2014!

   Sir Paul on Hal Blaine's kit!

Photo: Linda McCartney

   I found this catalog-complete 1979 Ludwig Power Factory kit in pristine condition, it belongs in a time-capsule!

Photo: Bermuda Schwartz

   Sabian's Chris DeLisa and his Tama Imperialstar concert toms back in the '80s!

Courtesy: Chris DeLisa

   Michael Giles pre-dated Bill Bruford in King Crimson, co-writing with Fripp et al, and playing on such classic tracks as "Court Of The Crimson King" and "21st Century Schizoid Man." He's seen here with his Yamaha concert toms.