More kits!


   My Impact concert tom kit as seen in Weird Al's "Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies" video from 1989. The fiberglass shells were a cutaway type design that gave them almost a square look from the front. People also mistook these for North or Staccato drums, even though they don't scoop forward.

Photo: Byron J. Cohen

   Chris Allen's Ludwig Vistalite kit in Tequila Sunrise, pattern A (he later added 6 and 8" toms to make a full Octa-Plus set.) Chris says it is "easily the most eye-catching kit I have ever owned."

Photo courtesy Chris Allen

   Although not a catalog item, Drum Workshop had no qualms about making this concert tom kit in 2011.
   One of several kits owned and played by Karen Carpenter, restored for Richard Carpenter by Todd Trent.

Photo: Rob Shanahan

   Karen's Jelly Bean Vistalite kit, restored for Richard Carpenter by Todd Trent.

Photo: Rob Shanahan

   Carl Palmer's custom concert tom kit, used on ELP's WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS and BRAIN SALAD SURGERY albums and tours.

Source: "The Drum Book" by Geoff Nicholls
(Hal Leonard, 2008)

   Oingo Boingo's John "Vatos" Hernandez at the US Festival in 1983, with his DW concert toms & single-headed kick.

Source: Screen grab from YouTube

   Jon Solomonson's Quadra-Plus kit, c1979. Dig the Farrah Fawcett poster on the wall!

Photo: Jon Solomonson

   Phil Collins' Pearl BLX Birch kit, used on Genesis' and Phil's 1982-3 tours. The kit is currently owned by Graham Collins... no relation.

Photo: Graham Collins and Rhythm Magazine

   Although not original as a kit, I got these stainless steel toms from original owner Vik Foxx, who bought them in the '70s.

Photo: Bermuda Schwartz

   Paul McCartney's "Coming Up" video features Paul playing all of the musicians, including the drummer behind a kit with these Pearl concert toms.

Video ©1980, MPL Communications Ltd.
Screen grab courtesy of: Tim Bracken

   Jeremy Esposito's cool Slingerlands that were used on Judy Collins' "Judith" tour around 1976. Anyone know who the drummer on that tour was?

Photo: Jeremy Esposito


   Taylor Hawkins' with Foo Fighters and his Gretsch kit, complete with single-headed floor toms.

Top photo: Jane Donald

   David Kurdelak of Fool's Paradise commissioned this lovely Scandinavian Birch Sonor kit based on Nicko McBrain's kit from the 1985 Iron Maiden World Slavery Tour.

Photo courtesy

   Dunnett Stainless Steel kit with four lovely-sounding toms!

Photo: Ronn Dunnett